Medical Equipment Maintenance

How to Maintain Hospital Equipment to Provide a Safe and Sustainable Medical Care

One of the most critical shared issues in equipment management is the need for accurate, related databases and software to support investment strategies, technology assessment, health planning and day-to-day operational decisions.

Adequate Equipment Management starts with accurate information on assets. Many activities such as Planned Preventive Maintenance, the compilation of an Essential Equipment List or the calculation of the national invested capital in medical equipment can be generated from such a comprehensive information database.

Equipment Management however, is performed on many levels in the Health Care System. On national level with policy formulation and investment planning, on regional level with operational decisions and on local level with user education and maintenance.

The aim of Equipment Management is to address all aspects of the equipment lifecycle in an impeccable manner. Only in this way there can be a guarantee for proper, functional and maintained equipment.

PS&OM, Planning, Supply and Ownership Management

All HCE-supported projects are developed following the ‘Planning, Supply and Ownership Management’ concept. PS&OM views the traditional idea of equipment management as falling into four distinct phases; planning, procurement, logistics and ownership: including asset registration. The concept of PS&OM extends conventional procurement management, (which is often limited to tendering and placing awards), through to planning of applied technology to logistics and ownership. The concept has shown that it is critically important to consider all of these phases, during the actual procurement activity, together in a seamless manner. Only in this way sufficient guarantees can be created for proper use and maintenance of equipment.

Our Activities

Our Aim is to provide quality consultancy services in all areas related to the planning, supply and ownership – management of medical equipment. We are able to offer a full range of management systems on medical equipment and facilities. Our systems are based on Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building. Development is based on the system and user requirements and each programme is specific to the project. We can provide you with a complete package to suit your requirements including:

  • Assessment studies
  • System development, planning, procurement and maintenance
  • Questionnaire design, distribution and collection
  • Database programming
  • Data entry
  • Delivery of the completed database
  • Geographical data mapping 
  • Web site database facilities
  • Training